The Litton


This reincarnation of the Kings Arms in Litton from the ground up, has been given the love that such a building deserves. A beautiful 14th century 12-bedroom coaching Inn set in the heart of a wonderful Somerset village of Litton.

Renamed The Litton by its new owner Sally Billington, a vision which has seen Sally invest heavily into the long term sustainability of this community Inn.

Sally approached Andrew to help develop the kitchen design, food offer, recipe specs and costings. The relationship grew quickly between Andrew and the Sally which found Andrew becoming an integral part in all aspects of the design, look, build and future vision.
The appointment of the head chef and general manager were also undertaken
by Andrew, working closely with Sally to find not only the right skill set, but also the ideal character fit.

Sally had already enlisted the experienced interior designers Simple Simon, whom Andrew had worked with previously at Rivercottage canteens, so confidence was extremely high knowing their exceptional attention to detail. Andrew brought in Taylormade kitchen designers and Partridge ventilation, whom Kitchen shrink have worked with closely on many projects.

The relationship with The Litton will be ongoing with Andrew sitting on the board to ensure the development of the businesses as this wonderful project blossoms into a sustainable and profitable concept with the intention of expansion into new sites in the future.