Simon Green – Who I am

Simon Green

A chef first and foremost. My passion for the craft is the driving force behind me. Mother nature dictates my menus and I have over thirty years of experience in the industry as a chef, as a manager and as a proprietor.

This hands on experience has led to the desire and knowledge to deliver quality and value, time after time in the kitchen and in the business.

My culinary skills were honed with Alastair Little in Frith St, Soho in the 1980’s and my business acumen developed with setting up Londons’ second food pub ‘The Lansdowne’ in Primrose Hill in the 90’s. In 1997 I relocated to Bristol and was heavily involved with riverstation from its inception. Since then I have consulted to businesses from Abergavenny to Barnes, Bude to Westborne Grove. I set up and ran my own restaurant ‘Greens Dining Room’ winning many accolades and gaining awards including a bib gourmand from the Michelin guide for six successive years.

I have seen the industry as a customer and a restaurateur and have been lucky enough to work with some of the best in the business which, has built up not just a wealth of knowledge but also a valuable contacts book! The glitz of the celebrity chef aside, there have been many changes to working practices, attitudes and food supply. There are more rules and regulations than ever before and only the smartest will prosper.

Why do people set up catering businesses? For some it’s a natural progression, for others a lifelong dream. Whatever the reason, it will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done, will test your social and family life and stretch your financial abilities to breaking strain.

The good news is you will love every minute of it. Few other businesses can be so rewarding on a personal level and the industry is full of passionate, interesting people some of whom even manage to make a bit of money out of it! Starting any business is like building a house insomuch as it must be built on the right foundation. Knowledge is key because a slow start is one thing but a bad start will cost you loads more in the long run and could be even costlier to rectify later. The early pit falls, of which there are many, are not written in stone and the whole process is a moveable feast (no pun intended) which can add to an already overburdened mind and bank balance. Be organised, be aware, be smart.

The kitchen shrink is here to help you achieve your business and personal aspirations.